Obviously Gun Sales are Down

Paul “Gun Sales are Down” Helmke has been trying to convince people that, well, gun sales in the United States are down:

Washington, D.C. — At the NRA’s national convention in Pittsburgh this week, look for the speakers, presidential hopefuls and ardent supporters to rally around the fairy tale that America is a gun-loving country. But don’t believe it.

Gun ownership in the nation is at the lowest level ever recorded by the General Social Survey, according to an analysis issued Tuesday by the Violence Policy Center. The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago has been surveying the American public on gun ownership since the early 1970s. Far from representing the mainstream sentiment of Americans, the NRA’s gun-in-every-home-and-hollow mantra is resonating with fewer and fewer of us.

Apparently nobody told Ruger:

Gun shop owners around the nation told FoxNews.com that sales, brisk ever since President Obama was elected, have spiked upward in recent months. And manufacturers are having so much trouble keeping up with the demand that one, Sturm, Ruger & Co., can’t keep up with demand. The Southport, Conn.-based company has had to suspend new orders after taking orders for more than 1 million guns in the first three months of the year. Smith & Wesson sales are way up, as well.

I wonder what else differs between reality and the anti-gunner’s fantasy land. We already know in anti-gunner fantasy land everybody with a gun is a murderer, gun sales continue to decline, and a militia lurks around every corner, but I wonder if basic things like gravity, thermodynamics, and the general theory of relativity exist there.