Reasons to Carry a Gun

Why do I carry a gun? Because 20 to 1 odds aren’t good and the police are often useless even if they’re already at the scene:

A trio of cyclists were biking down Nicollet Mall about 7:45 p.m. when a group of men at a bus stop suddenly approached them and started throwing punches. One of the bikers was left with a broken jaw; another was beaten but sustained less serious injuries.

The incident happened right in front of Minneapolis police, who chased the 15 to 20 suspects and ended up arresting one adult and several juveniles. It was the fifth “flash mob”-style attack since the beginning of February.

Even the most well training martial artist is going to find themselves in a bad situation when facing 20 angry attackers. Make no mistake, getting mobbed by 20 people is life threatening. In such a situation your only hope of self-defense really becomes a firearm. I almost always have a firearm on me, even when I’m riding my mountain bike. You never know what kind of danger you might be facing from wild animals to a gang of assholes. What’s even more worrisome is the incident mentioned in the story is the sixth such case since February:

• Feb. 3: 9:25 p.m. at 7th Street and Nicollet Mall. Several suspects, one displaying a handgun, assault a group of five young men, ages 18 to 19. No serious injuries or arrests.

• Feb. 20: 2:22 a.m. at 119 N. 4th St. Six to seven young men, one with a handgun, threaten and then assault a 28-year-old St. Paul man, taking his cellphone and leaving him with face and torso injuries that did not require hospitalization. No immediate arrests.

• Feb. 25: 2 a.m. at 413 Nicollet Mall. Suspects assault two men, ages 22 and 25. Neither victim required hospitalization. No immediate arrests.

• March 11: 8 p.m. at 6th Street and Nicollet Mall. Four men, ages 21 to 30, attacked. Two bikes stolen; one recovered. No hospitalization or arrests.

• March 17: 11:45 p.m. at 90 S. 7th St. Two men, ages 23 and 27, are attacked. The younger man is seriously injured and admitted to intensive care at Hennepin County Medical Center.

It seems mob violence is getting more common, something not too surprising in harsh economic times. Another thing to note is that the first two listed incidents involved a member of the attacking mob being armed. When people ask, “Why do you need to carry a gun?” you can answer them with stories like this. A firearm can tip the scales more towards your favor and they give you an option to defend yourself against an otherwise superior attacker (or attackers as the case may be).