Zimmerman Case Not Going to Grand Jury

I must say that this is an interesting turn of events:

A prosecutor says she will not hold a hearing to determine if a Florida neighbourhood watchman should be tried for shooting dead unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Angela Corey says her office is still investigating the incident. She could file charges or drop the case.

This decision is a big concerning merely because of the consequences it could reap. Those of us who favor law and order have been saying we can only wait for a grand jury trail, where all the evidence will be presented to the jurors, before we can decide whether or not to condem Zimmerman. Now that the grand jury isn’t happening it could spark even more outraged in the community that has been screaming for Zimmerman’s lynching, even though Zimmerman isn’t entirely out of the woods as Corey can still file charges.

My main concern is the public’s reaction to this news. Let us not forget the LA Riots were sparked from a situation not entirely different from this one. Hopefully violence doesn’t come from this decision but considering some of the demands made by those who have ruled Zimmerman guilty already I wouldn’t be too sure.