The Unemployment Scam

Unemployment statistics, like everything else political, is entirely deceptive. When you see unemployment statistics released by the state you should know they are being manipulated to make the situation look better or worse, depending on what the state goons need. One of the most interesting massages to the unemployment numbers made by the state is taking anybody who has been unemployed for more than six months off of the statistics as they’re considered bums and no longer looking for work. Shadow Stats has a nice graph that shows the publicly announced unemployment numbers, the unemployment numbers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the actual unemployment numbers.

Well color me skeptical but I’m guessing there is some kind of ulterior motive to the sudden claim of honesty being made:

A Republican lawmaker is intensifying his push for legislation that would change how the government measures the unemployment rate.

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.) intends to press GOP leaders to move his bill to include the number of individuals who gave up looking for work in the percentage of jobless claims.

Should the government measure unemployment with Hunter’s figure, the unemployment rate would be higher than the current rate of approximately 8 percent– a potentially devastating assessment for the White House, especially in an election year.

And I believe the actual ulterior motive was actively denied by Hunter himself:

The San Diego-based lawmaker contends that he did not introduce his bill to make the president look bad, since the number would reflect poorly on all individuals in charge of government.

On a recent interview with Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallum, Hunter said, “it makes me look bad too when unemployment is sliding … it makes the Republican Congress, the president and the Democratic Senate – anybody who is an elected representative and in charge look bad. I don’t think it goes one way.”

Hunter isn’t an idiot, he realizes that all problems in the United States are blamed on the president. For example, people are currently blaming Obama for high gas prices even though the president has nothing to do with setting those prices. Whatever major crisis is being faced by the nation is blamed on the guy in the Oval Office, and if the unemployment numbers suddenly “spike” it to will be blamed on Obama.

Politics is a dirty business and any underhanded trick goes. While Hunter claims his move isn’t meant to make Obama look bad it really is, and it could pave the way for a Republican victory in November. Don’t be me wrong though, I’m all for most honesty coming out of the state, but I also realize such honesty only happens when it benefits agents of the state in some manner. What this bill pass, the news report about the sudden “spike” in unemployment, Romney get a narrow presidential victory, and a new bill changing the way unemployment is tracked back to the way it is today. It’s all a big shell game.