I’m Proud of My State

Minnesota is a weird state politically. Although a majority of the state leans heavily to the left we still end up with crazy religious fundamentalists like Michelle Bachmann and have even elected a professional wrestler as our governor. Needless to say if Ron Paul was going to win any state it was going to be Minnesota:

The RNC National Committeewoman for the state of Minnesota reports in this Tweet that Ron Paul takes 20 of 24 Congressional District delegates to the Republican National Convention from Minnesota:

16 more delegates are yet to be awarded, three at large delegates and 13 to be awarded at State Convention, so Ron Paul has half of the delegates for the state of Minnesota, already!

For once I’m actually proud of my state.

3 thoughts on “I’m Proud of My State”

  1. You keep seeing Christian fundamentalism and imaginary theocracies everywhere.

    I think you need to check out the documentary “Cultural Marxism” featuring Ron Paul. Heavy Metal and MTV might explain why you’re severely infected with Cultural Marxism.

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