I’m Sure They Were Just Using it Wrong

The Firearm Blog has a report about allegations that the H und K G36 doesn’t perform well once the barrel heats up. For those who don’t know the H und K G36 is Germany’s standard issue infantry rifle. Apparently the rifle is unable to accurately hit targets past 200 yards when the barrel gets toasty, a rather worrisome problem. Well, it’s a worrisome problem until you realize the weapon is made by none other than Heckler and Koch, who are the peddlers of high prices weaponry that is desired by mall ninjas the world over because H und K doesn’t like civilians.

Knowing H und K they will probably send out a press release regarding this issue that merely states “You’re using the rifle incorrectly.” I also expect H und K fanboys to make numerous excuses about why this isn’t actually a problem. If there is one group of firearm fanboys more zealous than the 1911 crowd it’s the H und K crowd. It is an understandable zeal, after all H und K firearms appear in every Rainbow Six game.

3 thoughts on “I’m Sure They Were Just Using it Wrong”

  1. From a design point the H&K guns are great, from a manufacturing and QC standpoint dont bother, and the G36 problem comes from the fact that the barrel is criminally thin walled and housed in an unfluted shroud. Really its some of the same problems the M16 has in standard configuration though with 5.56 Nato 200 yards will just anger whatever you are shooting at unless you hit it in the head.

    1. .308, for when you want to play big instead of go home.

      Of course I may be biased, my favorite AR is chambered in .308.

  2. Yeah my go to is my Model 70 in .308 used to be my SAR8 though which was a knock off of the G3 I figure 20 rounds of .308 should handle almost any problem you come across if you need more learn to shoot or get more friends.

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