TSA Caught Smuggling Drugs

Although bat shit crazy Torgerson believes we should be grateful to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) I would rather point out their failures to demonstrate why they should be disbanded. In the lastest scam the TSA were caught running a drug smuggling operation:

Four current and former security screeners at Los Angeles international airport have been arrested and charged with drug-trafficking and bribery.

The four accepted cash to allow large shipments of cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana through X-ray machines, the US justice department said.


Two of the four accused are current employees of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), while the other two used to work for the organisation.

The current employees, John Whitfield, 23, and Capeline McKinney, 25, are accused of allowing shipments of more than 20kg (44lb) to pass through a screening area while they were on shift.

Former TSA screener Joy White, 27, is accused of a similar offence, while Naral Richardson, 30, is alleged to have made arrangements for shipments to pass unhindered.

Other individuals named in the indictment are accused of being part of the smuggling ring, several working as drug mules.

Between sexually molesting young children, old woman, and anybody who piques the interest of an agent it’s nice to know the TSA still finds time to perform other acts of depravity. This also demonstrates the futility of the TSA since any terrorist wanting to blow up a plane just needs to find an agent willing to accept large quantities of cash to ignore any explosive device traveling through the scanner.

2 thoughts on “TSA Caught Smuggling Drugs”

  1. The TSA has done nothing more than inconvenience at best and outright violate the.liberties of travelers. Not one terrorist has been stopped by the TSA yet at least two were allowed to carry out their failed plots thanks to their own stupidity failed, and let another terrorist fresh from an attempted bombing on another plane while he was on the no fly list.

    1. You forget one value the TSA does hold, they project state power to average individuals. It’s kind of like the military parades of the former Soviet Union, just more subtle.

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