Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman

Bloomberg held a short economic debate between Ron Paul and Paul Krugman. OK, calling it a debate is a stretch, it was more like a slaughter with Ron Paul absolutely devastating Paul “we need more inflation” Krugman:

You know what? I almost felt bad for Krugman. Honestly, he seems like a nice enough guy and I do believe he actually does care about people. It’s unfortunate that he’s such an idiot when it comes to economic matter and it’s even more unfortunate that people take him seriously on economic matters.

Also, good on Ron Paul pleading his allegiance to the Republican Party if Romney gets the nomination. I know a lot of people will criticize Ron Paul refusing to be a good little obedient dog to the Republican Party but I give him a great deal of respect for standing by his principles. His competition is a violent psychopath who wants to reign over the American people and denizens of foreign lands. I won’t support such violence and it’s good to hear Ron Paul say he won’t either.