Party Abandonment

It appears many hardcore Republican Party members are getting all butt hurt about the possibility of Ron Paul leaving if he doesn’t get the nomination and taking his supporters with him. As a person who supports Ron Paul and has no other interest in the Republican Party let me say that I’m one of those supporters who will be leaving if he leaves. Don’t worry, my departure isn’t a big deal since I wasn’t going to support anybody else in the party anyways. With that said I do want to clear something up; if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination and his supporters leave it won’t be a case of them abandoning the party, it’ll be a case of the party abandoning the supporters.

How can I say such things? Easy. Let’s look at a large number of Ron Paul’s supporters. Most of them are more libertarian leaning and have become fed up with how the Republican and Democrat Parties have been running things. They joined the Republican Party to help Ron Paul get elected because Paul is the only candidate that actually promises, and has a track record of trying to deliver, liberty. He’s running under the Republican Party which offers cute phrases like personal liberty, belief in free markets, gun rights, sound money, and other things that make freedom loving individuals feel warm and fuzzy inside. Of course what they claim to offer and what they actually offer are two entirely different things.

Ron Paul’s supporters, many of whom are new to politics, must feel like suckers after looking at what the party has given them. It’s like they received a job offer that promised $100,000 a year only to join and receive a paltry $10,000 a year. Who would stick around after such abuse? Even gun owners claiming we need to support Romney this election are having a hard time swallowing it. Think about that. Gun owners, who seem to lean more Republican, are having a hard time swallowing the bullshit they’re being fed. People should be abandoning the Republican Party. They claim to be conservatives but they’re nothing but a bunch of war mongering neocons who want to strip us of our rights just as quickly as the Democrats. The only difference between the two parties is in what order they want to strip our rights.