I’m Sure He Deserved It

The war on drugs not approved by the state is one of the most vicious acts the state has taken. We have an almost unfathomable number of people rotting in prisons because they were found guilty of a decree (not a crime, a crime requires a victim). Worse yet, the state also finds it acceptable to punish the innocent:

The DEA left a student in a holding cell without food, water, or a bathroom for five days. Daniel Chong slept over at a friend’s house after celebrating April 20th, a day that marijuana users set aside to smoke pot. The DEA raided the house the next day and took him and eight others down to a local DEA office to answers questions. After he was told he was free to go, he was placed into a holding cell.

Chong screamed and pounded on the walls for help, but no one came to let him out, even after hearing people enter and exit the building. Since he was left without water, he was forced to drink his own urine and ate a white powdery substance found in his cell that turned out to be methamphetamine.

An innocent man locked in a cell for five days without food or water… but the jailers managed to toss some methamphetamine. What next, are they doing to charge him with using the meth? I wouldn’t put it past the state honestly. His kidnapping also lead to his attempted suicide:

After all of this, he tried to take his own life by breaking his own glasses, swallowing part of the glass and trying to carve his arms with the glass. When the agents finally discovered him, he was unresponsive and was sent to intensive care.

Yup, this is the war on drugs ladies and gentlemen. Your tax dollars are being used to bring violence against nonviolent individual.