Nailed It

As you know I don’t believe in democracy, an opinion that is often socially unacceptable to hold. I also believe that the United States is now nothing more than a fascist regime. Needless to say I’m just about a cynical as one man can get towards politics but I could never express this cynicism as well as Franke W. James has on his blog:

Contrast our country today with the one I grew up with in the 1950’s. We were taught to fear the Red Menace as personified by the Soviet Union and its one party Communist state with internal ‘passports’, border controls and mandated state issued identification card.

We enjoyed ‘Freedom’, while they did not.

But now I ask, have you tried recently to get an airline ticket or even ‘board’ an airliner without a “government issued identification card”?

Have you tried to rent a safety deposit box from a bank without a Social Security Number?

Do yourself a favor, click the link and read the post.

One thought on “Nailed It”

  1. You don’t really want a safety deposit box with a bank. If the government declares a bank holiday or changes the rules don’t count on those vaults remaining private. If you are going to go with a vault go with a private company there are many of them which will give you much more privacy (like not needing to see your ID and putting it in whatever name you want).

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