Romney had Secret Meeting with Bloomberg

To those of you who have been telling us to support Romney to protect the rights of American gun owners let me just say… you’ve been suckered:

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee had a private breakfast with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tuesday morning at the the headquarters of the billionaire mayor’s philanthropic foundation. Romney’s campaign did not inform the press that the meeting would occur, although later confirmed that the men had met.


According to two people with knowledge of the Bloomberg meeting, cited by the New York Times, the pair discussed the economy, immigration, education and gun control over coffee and juice.

Romney is already having secret meetings with the biggest opponent of gun rights in this country, likely seeking an endorsement. As the head of Mayors Against All Illegal Guns I’m sure Bloomberg could be persuaded to endorse Romney if Romney promises gun control measures.

If you’re a gun owner and supporting Romney you’re making a sucker’s deal. He’ll get all the benefits (a National Rifle Association endorsement, campaign contributions from gun owners, votes, etc.) and we’ll get shafted. But the best part is that gun owners will have actively helped bring on their own destruction. I guess the state is great at hypocrites of people. When it comes to gun rights I think we’re basically screwed this election cycle (unless Paul manages to get the nomination) and the best we can hope for inaction on behalf of the president or a strong pro-gun majority in Congress.

A hat tip to Uncle for the story.

4 thoughts on “Romney had Secret Meeting with Bloomberg”

    1. I wouldn’t put it past them, although I would imagine Bloomberg was asking for something more significant.

  1. Boomberg is the proof that the Republican party stands for nothing by allowing him to use the name, considering he is counter to every single upposed.stance.of the party.

    1. The Republican Party does stand for one thing, power. They’re no different than The Party in 1984 except The Part admitted they wanted power for the sake power. Both the Democrats and Republicans try to wrap their desire for power in warm fuzzy phrases to make people think they’re altruistic.

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