The Twin Cities Isn’t Kind to Metal Bands

At this rate metal bands aren’t going to come anywhere near the Twin Cities. First the lead singer for GWAR dies have playing here and now the lead singer for Opeth got into a car accident on his way to last night’s show.

I swear to Thor if anything happens to Sabaton when they “>come next week I will burn the entire Twin Cities region to the ground.

One thought on “The Twin Cities Isn’t Kind to Metal Bands”

  1. I agree with you entirely. I have seen Sabaton twice now (Bamburg in 2009 and last week in Poughkeepsie) and would not let a simple city get in the way of that. Personally, I know that the band is strong enough that the city will need forces of at least 40:1 in order to anything against them… never underestimate the power of the Swedes.

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