My Al Qaeda Membership Arrived

Last week my Al Qaeda membership arrive. I never knew it was so easy to be a terrorist but for just a hair over $10.00 I too am officially recognized as a terrorist in the United States of America:

For those who are confused see this post from last week.

Seriously though, for $10.00 this is a pretty bloody good watch. Obviously it’s lacking in features, feels cheap, and isn’t much to look at but it tells the time and date, has a built-in stopwatch, has an alarm, and even has a little LED light so you can read the display in the dark. Unlike the old cheapie Timex Expedition I used to have way back when, the buttons on this cheap Casio are very easy to press. On top of all of that it’s water resistant and the battery will supposedly last for several years. While this isn’t a watch I’ll likely wear often it’s certainly a great example of a cheap watch that serves the intended purpose of telling time without costing anything. I would certainly have no issue taking this watch anywhere I’d feel a high likelihood of losing it existed.

You can tell it was designed in a foregone era because it’s not giga-huge-ginormous. The modern trend in wristwatches is to make them as large as possible, with 40 to 42mm being fairly common (heck, 48mm watches are becoming more common). As a guy with small wrists who isn’t looking to mount a satellite dish to his arm this is a rather annoying trend. Then again it’s obvious nobody asked me for fashion advice or there would be more guys walking around in combat boots and 5.11 Tactical mall ninja pants. Fortunately fashion trends are cyclical and small watches should be in vogue again meaning I’ll actually be “in style” for a few years.