Pew Research Survey Discovered People Don’t Like Murderous Psychopaths

Apparently blowing up people overseas isn’t looked upon as highly as it once was:

International approval of US President Barack Obama’s foreign policy has dropped sharply during his term in office, a Pew Research survey suggests.

Among the 21 countries surveyed, the largest drop in approval – from 57% to 27% – was seen in China, the Global Attitudes Project reveals.

Most respondents in almost all countries opposed US drone strikes.

Who would have guessed that people don’t like murderous psychopaths who get their jollies off of blowing up people in foreign lands? Perhaps Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize will be revoked; I imagine ordering assassinations is a disqualifies for a peace prize.

It’s reassuring to see the hero worship Obama first enjoyed fading quickly. Even though many of Obama’s most zealous supporters still worship the ground he walks on it appears the general populations’ disillusion is finally breaking. Unfortunately the United States isn’t poised to offer any change, we have the option of a murderous psychopath or a person who wants to be a murderous psychopath.