Interesting Use of the Word Accomplishment

A Democratic website has been keeping track of Obama’s accomplishments but, as Charles Davis points out, half the list is composed of people Obama has ordered killed. How one can consider killing an accomplishment is beyond me. Even if I was put into a situation where I had to kill somebody to protect myself or somebody I care about I wouldn’t consider it an accomplishment. A necessary action to protect life? Yes An accomplishment? No.

I miss the good old days when Bush was in office and the Democrats opposed war. Sadly they stopped being anti-war as soon as their guy was the one calling the shots. It demonstrates everything I hate about party politics. Everything, including death, is seen as nothing more than political rhetoric to be used in making a case for your side and opposing the other side. Many of the people who opposed the wars when Bush were in office didn’t actually care able the people dying, they only cared about the fact that a Republican was in office and they wanted a Democrat there instead. If you were one of these people let me just say this: fuck you.

One thought on “Interesting Use of the Word Accomplishment”

  1. Wars started by the US, Mexican American-Democrat, Civil War-Democrat, Spanish American-Newspapers, WW1-Democrat, Korea-Democrat, Vietnam-Democrat, Gulf-Republican, Afghanistan-Republican, Iraq-Republican. Vietnam only became unpopular with the Democrats after a Republican was in office, but none of the others were spoken against that had a Democrat in control, and the civil war was literally Democrats from the south seceding and then attacking Union forces. But the three middle eastern wars were very unpopular with the democratic party until Obama took over the last two, and then he got to make them a bit bigger and more illegal.

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