The New Wave of Government Transparency

After the use of executive privilege to coverup Fast and Furious there has been a lot of talk about Obama and transparency. During his campaign Obama promised to ring in a new age of government transparency, he promised to throw out the Bush administration’s police of keeping everything secret from the public. People are not claiming he broke that promises but I believe everybody simply misunderstood what Obama meant when he promised more government transparency.

Everybody assumed he meant there would be transparency in the political process. That is to say legislation would be more open, people would be better able to discuss issues with their so-called representatives, and that legislation that didn’t receive popular support wouldn’t be rammed down our throats at some random congressional session at 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve.

It appears what Obama really meant was the corruption and psychopathy would become more transparent. Instead of pussyfooting around the government would not wield its power openly. The illusion of due process would be tossed out the window and the state would just start assassinating those it wanted dead. Using the CIA to damage other countries from the shadows would be a strategy of the past, instead the United States government would begin openly bombing those countries with unmanned drones.

If the latter is what Obama meant then he certainly kept his promise.