I post a lot of stories about police officers acting like total dicks but once in a while the tables are turned and it’s the police officer who is in the right and the average person who is acting like a total dick:

he was grabbed by a desperate parolee and who held her with a knife to her throat in Woodbridge Center Mall until a police officer shot and killed the man.

Good on that police officer, he likely saved the woman’s life. Obviously she’s grateful for the police officer’s actions… or not:

Now the woman, Ellen Shane, 62, of Carteret, plans to sue the township for $5 million, claiming it failed to protect public safety and that she was injured as a result of the officer’s acts.

Both Shane and her husband, Ronald Shane, “are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and both have been dramatized from this incident,” according to the tort claim notice filed by their lawyer, David Corrigan of Eatontown.

What an ungrateful little prat. A random goon puts a knife to her neck, the police officer shoots the knife wielding asshole, and now that woman is suing the city because she suffered “post traumatic stress?” Would she have been happier if her throat had been slit? Post traumatic stress syndrome sucks but being dead sucks a whole lot more. You also have to love this:

Court papers filed with the township state Garcia told the officer he would harm Ellen Shane if not allowed to leave.

“Instead of attempting to resolve the situation, Barrett took out his gun and shot the suspect while he was holding Mrs. Shane,” the paper states.

Actually, I’d say the officer resolved the situation rather effectively.