So Much for Conservative Supreme Court Judges

I’m not trying to turn this blog into wall-to-wall healthcare coverage but there are many things to be said about last week’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act. During the ramp up to this year’s presidential elections many people have been saying we must elect Romney because two Supreme Court justices are getting up there in age and will likely retire. Proponents of this argument claim that Obama would pick left judges, which would lead this country even further towards socialism. Thanks to judge Roberts dissent in the Affordable Healthcare Act we have come closer to socialism, and he was one of George W. Bush’s picks.

As far as I’m concerned this ruling entirely invalidates the argument that we need to elect Romney in order to prevent Obama from picking new Supreme Court judges (not that I gave any validity to the argument before). People still buy into the right versus left view of politics. It’s not about right versus left, it’s about us versus the state. Whether the state is right or left is irrelevant, it’s still an entity that is using a monopoly on force to take our stuff and make us obey its decrees. It won’t matter who picks the next Supreme Court justices because the picks will be statists. We’re not going to see Supreme Court judge Andrew Napolitano because he opposes the statist agenda.

Regardless which of those two clowns gets elected we’ll be in for more war, more debt, and more tyranny.

2 thoughts on “So Much for Conservative Supreme Court Judges”

  1. I would argue that the Affordable Healthcare Act is fascism and not socialism. A single payer system is socialism. Government colluding with private insurance and the insurers keeping the profits seems more like fascism to me.

    1. I agree. My use of the world socialism was mostly due to that being the standard argument made about Obama. He’s certainly a fascist, not much of a socialist though.

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