Thou Shalt Not Interfere in the State’s Fund Raisers

In a classic example of “If you fuck with the state the state will fuck with you!” a woman has been place in jail for warning motorists of nearby speed traps:

Natalie Plummer was riding her bicycle home from the grocery store when she noticed several cars beng pulled over for speeding. Hoping to save a few drivers from a potentially pricey ticket, she turned one of her paper bags into a sign that warned of the waiting police ahead.

While she was doing so, an officer pulled up and arrested her.

“I was completely abiding by the law,” she told KRTK. “I was simply warning citizens of a situation ahead.”

The Houston police, however, were not amused by her tactics and arrested her for, believe it or not, “standing in the street where a sidewalk is present,” an offense that not only sounds ridiculous, but that Plummer also denies even doing.

Natalie attempted to prevent individuals from being victimized by the state and its fund raiser attempt. As she was interfering with the state’s wealth transfer they arrested her. While holding up a sign qualifies as free speech there is always a law that can be used to shutdown a meddlesome individual who has the audacity to help their fellow individuals.