More Information Regarding the Zimmerman Case Released

Miguel over at Gun Free Zone noted that 284 pages of information relating to the Zimmerman case have been released. I haven’t had time to do anything more than skim through it so far but I can say that any accusations of racism against Zimmerman can be put to rest now. I also haven’t found any mention of evidence supporting the charges brought against them, which leads me to further believe that Florida State Attorney General Angela Corey’s motives in bringing the charges were political. If Corey managed to get a guilty verdict against Zimmerman she would be seen as a hero to those who want to hang the man. At the very least it would be enough publicity to write a book and do a speaking tour.

Even if Zimmerman is ruled innocent is life is likely ruined. It won’t matter what evidence is brought forth demonstrating Zimmerman’s innocence, there are numerous people so emotionally invested in his guilt that there will likely be attempts on the man’s life. In all likelihood he’ll never be able to sleep with both eyes closed again. That, more than anything else, is the tragedy of actions taken based on public opinion.

One thought on “More Information Regarding the Zimmerman Case Released”

  1. Yes sadly there are far too many people who genuinely hate Zimmerman and will ignore the truth of the situation. Of course through everything I have not seen anything o suggest murder aside from the undisputed fact that Zimmerman did kill Treyvon, but murder and killing are not always the same.

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