What Happens When You Play by the Rules

It seems that the Republican National Convention (RNC) is pissed that the Ron Paul supporters have figured out its rules and procedures and are planning to use them to their advantage. Even though the RNC has selected Romney as their candidate the Paul supporters are planning on using ever rule, procedure, and trick to fight the good fight, which has made higher ups in the Republican Party very nervous:

Security at the state Republican convention has been tightened this summer in case turmoil breaks out as it did in other states where Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters clashed over control.


The executive director of the state Republican Party, Jordan McGrain, told Nebraska Watchdog in addition to its usual sergeant at arms committee, the party hired additional security for the first time in convention history, to his knowledge. Party officials are preparing for potential for trouble caused by Paul supporters.


McGrain said Paul’s supporters are trying to “take by party rules what they couldn’t on election day.”

He has been warned by Republican officials in Nevada and Louisiana to be prepared for “Paulistas” to try to seize control of the convention through endless votes, amendments, re-votes and parliamentary delays aimed at wearing out establishment Republicans.

I love the last part where they say the Paul supporters are planning to “take by party rules what they couldn’t on election day.” In other words the Paul supporters are planning on playing by the very rules setup by the Republican Party itself. The only obvious way for the establishment to fight this is to go outside of the rules. Of course they can’t just blatantly do that and maintain their appearance of a democracy. I’m betting the RNC hired additional security, not because they’re afraid the Paul supporters will become violent but, because they want to demonize the Paul supporters. Look at how they’re justifying the additional security, they are implying the Paul supporters warrant such a response because of their potential for harm. With such a justification in place the establishment in the Republican Party can easily have the Paul supporters removed if it appears they’re gaining an advantage and public opinion will side with the decision. If you can’t win by the rules you need to build public support for your side so you can play outside of the rules.

This is why I believe the strategy of “reforming” the Republican Party is foolish. The Republican Party doesn’t want to be reformed, they’re quite happy promoting war, cronyism, and destroying any rights listed in the Constitution. Anybody who believes the Republican Party is run by the people is entirely mistaken, it’s run by a few power players who generally rely on their sheep mindlessly going where they’re told but have no issue playing outside of the rules if some of the sheep begin dissenting. When such hostilities to change become openly apparent it’s time to move on to something else.