Big Sacrifices

It looks like the Spanish royal family has decided to make some hard decisions in these tough economic times:

The king will lose 20,900 euros (£16,400; $25,660) from his salary of just over 292,000 euros for the year – a cut of 7.1%.

In total, the 8.3m euro royal budget will be cut by 100,000 euros in 2012.

A royal budget reduction of 1.2%? My, that is a big sacrifice. However will they get by?

2 thoughts on “Big Sacrifices”

  1. Thats still 100,000 euro more than our congress has managed to cut anything, actually its about one trillion euros more than we have managed to cut.

  2. If you are going to deal with monarchs, the Spanish are actually among the better. Originally after they got rid of Franco the people actually wanted the King to be an absolute Monarch. He refused and had them setup a constitutional monarchy. Very few people are willing to turn down an unelected dictator for life position so I think that says a lot for the King’s character. I have yet to see any politician in the US proposing reducing their own power in any manner at all (save for Ron Paul).

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