Who’s to Blame if Obama Gets Reelected

The presidential election is fast approaching and that means everybody is setting up their list of people to blame if their guy isn’t occupying the White House next year. Even though the Republican Party has tried everything in the book to prevent Ron Paul from getting on the nomination list at the National Convention (RNC) he managed to get enough states to be listed:

The Republican National Convention is quickly approaching (August 26th). For over the past year, avid Ron Paul supporters have won delegate spots in various state conventions across the country. Through this hard-work, Ron Paul will officially be allowed to be nominated for the nominee of the Republican Party.

As I’ve been pointing out the Republican Party’s shenanigans many drones in the party have been making excuses for the party’s actions. The most common excuse has been the claim that Ron Paul is unelectable and that allowing him to be the presidential nominee will give Obama the election. What if Obama manages to get reelected, who will be to blame? Party drones are already trying to blame the Paul supporters but the truth is the responsible organization will be the Republican Party itself. Why? Because they’ve managed to pick the one presidential nominee that even hardcore Republican drones hate, Mitt Romney.

Paul is a dividing figure in the Republican Party but not nearly as dividing as Romney. Listening to Paul’s words and looking at his voting record leads one to realize that he supports many of the things the Republican Party claims to. Paul is pro-gun, he opposes the Affordable Healthcare Act, he wants to secure the borders, and he’s fiscally conservative. Romney, on the other hand, has a history that opposes the ideals many Republican Party members uphold. During his time as governor of Massachusetts Romney signed a permanent ban on “assault weapons” and state-wide legislation that Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act mimicked . It’s easy to see why many hardcore members of the Republican Party have expressed hatred of Romney.

While the drones within the party are getting behind Romney because that’s who their masters want, others are looking away in disgust. The most scorn members of the party are those who wanted Rick Santorum. I’ve let me absolute hatred of Santorum be known but I must admit that he’d get wider support inside of the Republican Party than Romney. There would have actually been a chance of uniting the party with Santorum whereas no such chance exists with Romney. I’ve heard numerous hardcore Republican Party members say they won’t vote for Romney but would have gladly voted for Santorum and begrudgingly voted for Paul. Romney is poison and everybody knows it. When hardcore party members won’t support the candidate he’s truly sunk. With such a wide fissure within the party it’ll be possible for Obama to win even though his approval rating is almost zilch.

What if Paul wins the nomination? Would the Republican Party still be at blame if Obama ended up winning the election? Yes. In their zealous crusade to get Romney picked as the nominee the bigwigs in the Republican Party have entirely demonized Paul. This presents a problem because a Paul victory could alienated the drones. The drones are in it to win popularity contests. It’s not ideology that motivates their current support of Romney, it’s their desire to be on the winner’s side so they can brag about how all their hard work paid off. When the bigwigs in the Republican Party say they want Romney the drones support Romney because they believe whoever is picked by the bigwigs is destined to win (and the drones are probably right about that). Their support for Romney is most publicly displayed by their hatred for Paul and their hatred of Paul is most publicly displayed by their regurgitation of anti-Paul talking points given to them by their masters. Needless to say if Romney loses the drones lose and if the drones lose they’re likely to get up and leave. They wanted to win, they obeyed their masters because their mastered guaranteed victory, and if they aren’t victorious they’ll storm out. Their vanishing act won’t be due to ideological differences with the nominee (as with the Paul supporters) but due being sore losers.

The Republican Party has done this to themselves. They managed to split the party through their zealous attempt to ensure Romney’s victory. Obama’s approval rating is in the toilet, somebody could probably run an openly racists drunk womanizer against him and win. Yet the presidential election result isn’t known because the Republican Party managed to create division within their party. If they can’t even manage to unite their party there is almost no hope of uniting enough of the nation to get their guy into office.

Oh well, whether Romney wins the election or Obama is irrelevant, we the people lose either way. When the choice is between a fascist or a fascist the only possible outcome is getting a fascist.