Beware of Terrorist Photographers

Are you afraid of everybody yet? Has the state finally convinced you that the sweet old lady living down the street is actually a secret Al Qaeda spy who is plotting to kill you and everybody you love? Do you avoid members of the Muslim faith because the state has convinced you that their religion is actually a thin veil to coverup their terroristic activities? When you see a man walking down the street with a holstered firearm on his hip do you run in the oppose direction knowing that he’s a racist right-wing extremist? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions prepare to have an even more fear filled life because photographers are out to kill your mother and rape your father:

Once again, a government agency is encouraging citizens to report photographers as potential terrorists.

This time it is the City of Houston, which has produced a high-budgeted video funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

Starting at 1:45 in the video titled “Make the Call – Terrorism Prevention – The Threat is Real,” a male authoritative voice states the following:

Cameras and recording devices have gotten so small, that most of us seem to have one with us all the time. It’s not unusual to see people taking pictures or video almost anywhere.

But surveillance and information gathering is a common practice used by terrorists prior to an attack. If you see someone trying to conceal what they are doing, taking pictures of exits, security or restricted areas, if they hang around for no apparent reason, ask inappropriate questions about schedules or the facility, or if they try to avoid security when approached, make the call.


The video also encourages citizens and employees to call police in the event that somebody happens to leave a bag behind at a restaurant instead of just trying to yell out to that person in the case they may have just left it behind by accident.

What’s surprising isn’t the fact the state continues to make these videos, it’s the fact that some people actually believe them. Even though you’re eight times more likely to be killed by a costume clad state thug than a terrorist people still believe that the state exists to protect them from the terrorists.

For the record, if I ever forget my backpack or laptop bag I’d greatly appreciate somebody letting me know instead of calling the police. I don’t want to be the target of a state investigation because I forgot something.