Buy My Vote Today

Today is Minnesota’s primary election and I’ve been hearing two things over and over: every vote matters and this is the most important election in our lifetime.

I like to help my fellow individuals and that’s why I’m making the following offer: for $50.00 you can buy my primary vote. It’s very simple, you pay me $50.00 before entering the polling place and I register as your preferred party, vote for your preferred candidates, and provide photographic evidence of the ballot sheet so you know I performed as expected.

Do you believe $50.00 is too high? If this is the most important election in our lifetime and every vote counts you can effectively change this country for a mere $50.00. To me that sounds like a steal! With that said $50.00 is just my buy it now price. For $50.00 you’re guaranteed my vote but any offer will be considered including precious metals and other goods.

Change the course of this country today, buy my vote!