The Republicans Managed to Anger a Higher Power

It seems all of the shenanigans the Republican Party has pulled to prevent Ron Paul from having a fair chance of receiving the presidential nomination has angered a higher power:

A tropical storm forming in the Caribbean could pose a potential threat to Florida next week during the Republican National Convention.

Apparently Thor wasn’t amused.

One thought on “The Republicans Managed to Anger a Higher Power”

  1. How can this be!? The Republicans were just following Christ’s admonition to hate everyone who isn’t Christian and lives in another country!

    Wait… I’m being told Christ never said that. It seems he actually said something about “loving one’s enemies” and “praying for those that persecute you”. And something about treating people as you want to be treated. A “Golden Rule” of some sort. I’m sure it is an honest mistake these Christians are making….

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