Par for the Course

Reddit was abuzz yesterday because Obama decided to do an Ask Me Anything (AMA). For those who are unfamiliar with Reddit an AMA is where Reddit users can post questions for the person doing the AMA to answer. They can lead to interesting information being volunteered by popular individuals or they can be a total bust when political figures do them. Obama’s was a total bust and you can read the pointless endeavor here but Slate summed it up pretty succinctly:

Obama Joins Reddit, Invites Tough Questions, Leaves Without Answering Them

Obama did what Obama does; He pretended he was going to take questions and then ignore any questions that could have made him look bad:

Popular questions about medical marijuana, soldiers with posttraumatic stress disorder, and the president’s failure to close Guantanamo, meanwhile, went unanswered. “20 bucks says he doesn’t address this,” one Redditor predicted, correctly, about the marijuana question. “Should have been titled, Ask Me Almost Anything,” another grumbled.

I don’t think anybody is surprised, Obama is great at dodging questions. He’s also effective at answering entirely different questions than ones addressed to him.