Socialism Appears to be Working as Expected in France

Earlier this year France elected a socialist as their new president, which I predicted would end badly for the country. Needless to say the unemployment rate hasn’t improved:

The number of French unemployed has broken through the 3-million barrier for the first time since 1999, the country’s leaders say.

The latest total adds pressure on President Francois Hollande, whose administration is under attack for doing not doing enough to fix the economy. France’s unemployment rate is currently 10 percent.

Perhaps the new socialist president has been too busy ordering the confiscation of property from French gypsies to address current economic issues. Either way, things aren’t looking good for those living in France.

One thought on “Socialism Appears to be Working as Expected in France”

  1. “He’s not doing enough! We need *more* socialism!”

    Fools in France – it sounds like a movie title.

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