For the Record, I Don’t Belong to the Government

A video shown at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) made a claim that I object to, a claim that we all belong to the government:

Most Americans believe there are overarching ideals that unite them, such as liberty and freedom. However, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) says otherwise. According to their latest video, “government is the only thing that we all belong to.”

I just want it stated for the record that, as an anarchist, I do not belong to the government. What the government does it does in spite of me. No sanction was ever given by me to steal, kidnap, or commit murder. In fact I oppose the government precisely because it does such things.

If you want to be apart of this country’s government go ahead but I can’t, in good conscious, be a member of an organization that I find morally reprehensible.