Supporting Civil Liberties Only When it’s Convenient

People often claim that Democratic Party is the political party of civil liberties. Unfortunately this is only true when it’s convenient for them to support civil liberties:

What a difference four years makes.

In 2008, Democrats were eager to draw a contrast with what they then portrayed as Republican excesses in the fight against Al Qaeda. Since then, the Obama administration has in many cases continued the national security policies of its predecessor—and the Democratic Party’s 2012 platform highlights this reversal, abandoning much of the substance and all of the bombast of the 2008 platform.

The article goes on to show that the new Democratic Party platform has removed references to opposing indefinite detention, prohibiting warrantless surveillance and repealing the PATRIOT Act, closing Guantanamo Bay, opposing racial profiling, and opposing torture.

When Bush was in office the Democratic Party was entirely against everything Bush did. Now that their guy is in office they are entirely supportive of Bush’s tactics. It’s not about what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s about who is in power. So long as the man in power is on “their” team whatever he does is fine.

I hope the Democratic and Republican parties get everything they want and I hope they get it hard.