Rocket Scientist of the Year

There are bad ideas and there is raw utter stupidity. This story is an example of the latter:

According to reports, 26-year-old Brian C. Wayner rented a gun from Don’s Gun and used it at the attached shooting range, burning through three boxes of ammo. Then, Wayner went to the restroom to wash his hands before heading to the counter to ring up the total. Bizarrely, without giving any warning or saying anything, Wayner pulled out the gun that he had rented and opened fire on Ben Chance, the clerk behind the cash register.

Chance did pretty much exactly what you would expect a gun store employee to do: he fired back. Chance proved to be the better shot, though, because the wounds he inflicted ultimately proved fatal for Wayner. Chance was later rushed to a hospital where he was placed in critical condition, but he survived treatment and is currently recovering.

Attempting to shoot up a gun store is right up there with attempting to bungee jump without a bungee cable attached to your person. On the upside Mr. Wayner won’t try that again.

2 thoughts on “Rocket Scientist of the Year”

  1. I have never seen a gun-store employee without at least one loaded weapon on his or her person. At some of the bigger stores I have seen them carrying ARs on a three point sling to be able to engage targets on the far end of the store if necessary. Of course that was Adventure Outdoors who have taken over an entire supermarket.

    1. Exactly. The employees of every gun range in my area are always armed. Trying to shoot the place up is nothing more than committing suicide.

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