President Obama is Trying to Get Us Directly Involved in Syria

President Obama, the man who ran on an anti-war platform in 2008, is working very hard to get America directly involved in Syria. According to Dennis Kucinich, Obama has deployed troops very close to the Syrian border:

Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich believes the deployment of American troops in Jordan — which was announced Wednesday — brings the United States “immeasurably” closer to being dragged into the civil war in Syria.

“I can see in a moment how it happens: we’re a few dozen miles from the Syrian border and all of a sudden we are within the reach of physical danger. All it takes is a single incident,” Kucinich said in a phone interview with U.S. News.

The Ohio congressman complained that the commander-in-chief sent the troops to Jordan “without notifying Congress.” Ironically, Kucinich noted, the Obama administration announced the deployment exactly ten years after the House of Representatives authorized President George W. Bush to invade Iraq.

As Kucinich said our troops will be within reach of physical danger. All that is needed is for one Syrian soldier, or more likely a rebel acting as a Syrian soldier, to fire on our troops and an excuse to enter a direct conflict with the Syrian state will exist.

Why would Obama do this? Why would he purposely put United States personnel needlessly in danger? Probably because he wants to the start the war with Syria less Romney gets the chance if he wins the election. In addition to fulfilling our state’s bloodlust winning against the Syrian government would give us yet another country bordering Iran to build military bases in. The path to Persia will be all but entirely paved soon enough.