The State Never Forgets to Punish Good Deeds

When the state sees somebody performing a good deed they are usually quick to swoop in and mercilessly punish the good Samaritan. Take the paramedic who had the audacity to give a blanket to a man in need:

Two weeks ago, a house caught fire, and the elderly man who lived there was brought outside wearing only his underwear. Paramedic Jeff Gaglio gave him a blanket. Then on Tuesday, Gaglio was informed that the department was bringing him up on charges for his action. Jerald James, chief of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS), who is responsible for Gaglio’s punishment, said in defense of the charges, “We can’t have an employee who feels that they have a right to give away state property without getting prior approval.” In fact, his department and the city of Detroit are strapped for cash. However, it has also been revealed that the department did not pay for the blanket. The one that Gaglio gave away had been donated.

What I find most laughable is the idea that the state can own property. In this case the blanket was donated by if it was purchased by the state it would have been purchased with stolen money. The state exists solely off of extortion in the form of taxes, fines, and other assorted fees. Failure to pay taxes or fines will result in the state’s boot being brought down upon you and if you fail to pay any demanded fees before doing something you will also find the state’s boot coming down upon you. Considering this fact it’s impossible to say the state can own legitimate property since all the property they acquire is acquired through extortion.

The way I see it the state doesn’t own property and the people have every right to claim any property currently claimed by the state. Every building, automobile, and aircraft carrier was made possible by resources stolen from you and me. Were there any justice these goods would be liquidated and the funds dispersed amongst the population based on the amount of money that was stolen from them by the state. Instead the state punishes anybody who attempts to return even the tiniest of these goods to the people.

2 thoughts on “The State Never Forgets to Punish Good Deeds”

  1. But the socialists tell me all about how bureaucratic rule-driven behavior is better than profit-motivated action. And this paramedic clearly acted to profit by removing his uneasiness at seeing a fellow human in need!

    1. That’s true. I almost forgot that the state is altruistic and only has the best interests of the people in mind! Obviously the story I linked to is in error.

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