Something I Often Wonder

There’s something I’ve wondered for some time now. If you were given the ability to have all of your political goals granted at the expensive of the lives of a group of people you’ve never met and would likely never meet would you do it? For example, if you could have all gun control measures repealed instantly but in doing so 1,000 Middle Easterners would be killed would you do it? Or if you could have universal healthcare for all that was guaranteed to work but in doing so 1,000 South American natives would be killed would you do it?

When I see people arguing over Romney and Obama I see people willing to sacrifice the lives of people they’ve never met in exchange for their political goals. Both candidates are in almost complete agreement when it comes to foreign policy and their agreement involves the murder of an untold number of people. Those advocating for Romney are often doing so because they believe Romney will somehow protect gun rights and prevent the economy from further sliding down the hill. Obama’s advocates, on the other hand, want the Affordable Care Act to continue and gay marriage legalized throughout the country. Both sides have been willing to either ignore their candidate’s foreign relations policies or somehow justify them.

So, for those of you supporting Romney or Obama, we’re left with the question: are you willing to exchange the lives of people you’ve never met for your political gains? Ultimately that is the price that will be paid if either candidate wins.