Kurt Bills Appears to be Towing the Republican Party Line

I noticed a handful of my friends posted a message that they purport to be from Kurt Bills (these friends are supporters of Bills so I have no reason to doubt them). The message really shows how that Bill is more about towing the Republican Party line than standing up for true liberty:

In June 2009 Norm Coleman conceded his Senate race to comedian Al Franken.

He lost the race, after 6 months of recounts and legal battles, by 312 votes.

In December 2010, Tom Emmer conceded his race for Governor after a similar recount, losing by fewer than 9000 votes.

Both races have something in common much more important than the fact that they ended after recounts: they ended with extremely liberal politicians taking power entirely due to the defection of Republicans to third-party candidates.

In a very real way, Democrats didn’t win those elections as much as Republicans chose to lose them.

In my mind, that is shameful. Do any of the Republicans who voted for Dean Barkley or Tom Horner really believe our state and our country are better off with Al Franken and Mark Dayton as Senator and Governor?

This really raises a pet peeve of mine; third parties continue to be blamed for the Republican Party’s losses. Who is really to blame? Are the voters who cast their ballots for third party candidates instead of Republican candidates to blame or is the Republican Party to blame for not fielding candidates its base found acceptable? Bills apparently blames the voters. He seems to think voters are too stupid or incompetent to know what’s best for them.

Norm Coleman was, at best, a middle of the road candidate. He flip flopped almost as much as Romney and he followed no understandable philosophy. It’s not hard to see why he lost. Tom Emmer started out sounding like a candidate Republicans would happily support but after he received the endorsement his statements started moving more towards the center of the political spectrum. I’m sure some campaign strategist took Emmer aside and said, “Listen Tom, you have the endorsement now so you don’t have to make the Republicans happy. Keep a low profile so you don’t put off the Democrats and you will win this election.” Needless to say he lost.

I don’t think the Republican’s failures is the fault of the voters, I believe it’s the fault of the Republican Party itself. Why do the party big wigs think they’ll get support for wishy washy candidates? They must feel entitled to support, which is ironic because they are the ones who speak out so adamantly against entitlement programs. It also appears that Bills believes people should vote for Republicans instead of liberty candidates. This doesn’t surprise me, he’s proving to be more and more of a party shill by the day. Even though the liberty movement in Minnesota is largely responsible for Bill’s endorsement he’s been quick to throw them under the bus.

I’m glad Bills is showing his true colors. Seeing who he really is now will dull the liberty movement’s pain if he gets into office (because once he’s in I’m betting he’s going to go full neocon).

2 thoughts on “Kurt Bills Appears to be Towing the Republican Party Line”

  1. IDK about neocon or liberty minded or whatever. I do know the ages of SCOTUS members and that the latest polling could put MN in play. In which case, Kurt Bills’ message is absolutely spot on.

    With the strength of the RP / Liberty people in MN, up to and including taking over GOP CD’s and shuttering them, there’s an outside chance that the split vote could affect the outcome of the national election. a large 3rd party, mostly but not all drained from the GOP, could cost 10 electoral votes…

    I’d love to vote for a candidate for once. But never has my resolve to vote AGAINST one been stronger than in this election.

  2. If the GOP or Dems want my vote, run a palatable candidate. I’m not voting for one turd just because the other turd smells bad.

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