My Election Predictions

Since today is Master Selection Day I’ve decided to do my best to predict the outcome of today’s election. I predict that Goldman Sachs will win. While it’s impossible to predict the future with certainty I feel secure in making this prediction since Goldman Sachs as been major campaign contributors to both Obama and Romney. Considering this fact it’s not too much of a stretch to predict either candidate will further Goldman Sach’s goals as payment for the company’s generous campaign contributes.

Beyond Goldman Sach’s victory I also predict that the warfare welfare system will remain intact. Once again both candidates have affirmed their support for continuing the wars America is currently embroiled in and starting new wars as the need arrises. Iran is a likely target for invasion during the next presidential term as Obama and Romney have both expressed interest in bombing the men, women, and children living in that country. Both candidates have also expressed interest in entering more wars including sending military support to Syrian rebels.

The Federal Reserve has nothing to worry about. Neither candidate has expressed even minor interest in either auditing or ending the Federal Reserve. Bankers throughout the United States can rest easy knowing that the easily expanded inflationary money supply will continue on regardless of which presidential candidate wins. In fact it’s likely that the Federal Reserve will continue to print more money under the guise of quantitative easing.

Civil liberties will continue to be stripped from the people. Obama and Romney have continued to beat the war on terror drum which has become a euphemism for eliminating civil liberties. Along with direct attacks against civil liberties both presidential candidates have expressed interest in expanding the police state, against under the guise of the war on terror. Prisons should continue to be overcrowded as nonviolent individuals are locked away for simply disobeying the state’s decrees.

In other words things will continue as they have been for four more years. Nothing will change, the economy won’t improve, liberty won’t be expanded, and noninterventionist policies will not become the status quo. It’s all a big game of chess and we the people are the pawns.

Anyways let me end on a high note by wishing you all a very enjoyable Master Selection Day!