Although I’m Ashamed to Admit it I Voted

But I’m not ashamed of who I voted for:

I took that picture before I filled in “No” for both of the amendments, which were the only other things I voted on.

With how much I criticize voting and democracy some people are likely curious to know why I voted. Although I didn’t want to contribute any votes to candidates I did want to vote against the amendments. Since I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to vote I did what any sane person would do in my situation and consulted Thor. It was raining off and on yesterday so I asked the great thunder god to send me a sign: if it was raining when I arrived at my precinct I would take that as a sign from Thor that he didn’t want me to participate in the vote and if the skys were clear I would take that as a sign from Thor that he did want me to participate in the vote. When I arrive the skys were clear so I went in.

Another question some people may have is why I chose to write-in Vermin Supreme instead of cast a vote for Gary Johnson. I did discuss the fact that I liked Gary Johnson when I met him and that I hoped he’d get close to his desired five percent of the popular vote, so why didn’t I give him a vote? Because I didn’t want to participate in any candidate races.

Look I like Gary Johnson and of all the “serious” candidates running I believe he would be the least evil. Still I have no desire to elect a master and writing in Vermin Supreme gave me that option. In Minnesota write-in votes don’t qualify unless a candidate fills out the appropriate paperwork. To my knowledge Vermin Supreme didn’t fill out that paperwork so my vote for him won’t be counted. He’s also a fellow anarchist so I didn’t feel bad giving him a nod (not to mention that he delivered the lulz).

Even though I feel slightly dirty for participating in the election I accomplished my goals. One vote was cast against each of the constitutional amendments and I contributed nothing to any candidate. There’s always a method to my madness. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with constitutional amendments like this during the next election so I can avoid participating without any nagging feeling whatsoever.