Alestorm and Epica Were Great Last Night

Enough of this depressing political drivel, I want to talk about something positive. Last night I attended the Epica concert at Station 4. What’s not to love about a concert that delivers both pirate metal via Alestorm and symphonic metal via Epica? Nothing, that’s what!

I came a bit late, catching who I believe was Insomnium in the middle of their act, which was fortunate because I really enjoyed what I heard and will likely pursue their music in more detail. During Alestorm I had the pleasure of rocking out with a couple in their mid 40’s. The most I can do is hope that I’ll be able to rock out as hard as those two when I’m their age. I also met a random gun guy. He introduced himself to me after noticing my Crossbreed holster (I conceal well enough to prevent non-gunnies from seeing my gun but poor enough that gunnies will notice I’m carrying). We ha a nice discussion about firearms between Alestorm and Epica’s acts. The floor was packed and people were going nuts during the entire show, which was good to see. Overall it was another great concert and reaffirmed my love for metal and the community that has formed around it.

If you ever have a chance to see either Alestorm or Epica in concert go for it. They both put on great shows and know how to entertain audiences.