Disposing of Evidence

What’s the best way to dispose of evidence? It really depends on the evidence. If you need to dispose of a murder weapon you wait until the police offer to buy it back and destroy it. On the other hand if you’re a police state and want to dispose of some paper evidence you simply shred it and use it as confetti at a parade:

Some confetti at the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday in New York appears to have been made out of confidential police documents, a US media report says.

The documents, shredded but legible, belonged to the Nassau County Police Department, New York station WPIX says.

They included sensitive data such as social security numbers and banking information for police employees.

They were shredded horizontally, not vertically, leaving text visible.

Granted the papers may not actually be evidence of wrongdoing but I fail to see any other reason why a police state would shred documents and try to spread them around the city by tossing the shreds of paper as confetti. Regardless, something strange is going on here.