Hours of Amusement

Perhaps I’m just easily amused by I find myself uncovering amusement wherever humans gather and interact. A social phenomenon that fascinates me are arguments in social groups over what does and doesn’t belong to that social group. To amuse myself I often find myself transversing Reddit. Reddit is where you can find many lengthy and epic arguments about nothing of importance. Do you want to join in my amusement? If so it’s easy! Go to Reddit and do the following:

Watch atheists argue about what is and isn’t atheism in /r/atheism.

Watch anarchists argue about what is and isn’t anarchism in /r/Anarchism.

Watch libertarians argue about what is and isn’t libertarianism in /r/Libertarian.

Watch metalheads argue about what is and isn’t trve kvlt in /r/Metal.

It fascinates me how much time is spent by self-proclaimed members of the same social group arguing over what their group does or doesn’t stand for. I’m left wondering what percentage of the Internet has been dedicated to arguments over what social groups do or do not stand for. It’s likely a mind boggling large percentage.

One thought on “Hours of Amusement”

  1. Is there an area with a meta-argument about whether one belongs to a social group that argues about what that social group stands for?

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