Monday Metal: Uis Elveti by Eluveitie, Guten Tag by Varg, and Starchild by Wintersun

Sunday night Station 4 hosted an absolutely awesome concert featuring Varg, Wintersun, and Eluveitie. In all honesty Eluveitie is the only band on that list that I listen to regularly but I enjoy a lot of metal live that I don’t generally enjoy listening to otherwise.

As expected Eluveitie did a bang up job. Instead of playing a smattering of songs from their various albums they played the entire Helvetios album. Since Helvetios was a concept album revolving around the Gallic Wars this approach made a great deal of sense. After playing through all the songs on Helvetios they also payed a handful of songs from other albums including Inis Mona. Because of the weather I arrived to the concert late and missed most of Varg’s act but did catch Wintersun, who did a pretty decent job.

In celebration of my first time seeing Eluveitie live this weeks’ Monday Metal entry will be featuring one of their songs and a song by Varg and Wintersun thrown in for good measure. First up is Uis Elveti by Eluveitie:

Next is Guten Tag by Varg (admittedly I don’t generally listen to this type of metal but the band was pretty entertaining live):

Finally I’m going to close this week’s Monday Metal with Starchild by Wintersun: