When a Plan Falls Apart

I logged onto the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) news site expecting to see another feature article relating to gun control. Instead I was greeted with this story:

US Republicans have cancelled a vote in Congress on tax rises they hoped would help to avert a so-called fiscal cliff.

They pulled the vote after failing to get enough support for the bill, labelled “Plan B”, which would raise taxes on earnings above $1m (£614,000).

The shooting in Connecticut was probably seen as a blessing by the politicians in Washington DC who have been in the spotlight for weeks because of this so-called fiscal cliff fiasco. After the shooting all news outlets were covering that and urging more gun control legislation. Apparently people have tired of the Connecticut shooting already (it has gotten to the traditional one week shelf life for news stories) because news stations are starting to pick their coverage of the fiscal cliff fiasco up again. I guess the politician’s plan to sweep this fiscal cliff mess under the rug and vote something through clandestinely didn’t pan out so well.