Fiscal Cliff Deal Increases Government Spending

If you’ve been following the latest episode of Politics: The Reality Television Show for Suckers you’ve likely heard that Congress has agreed to a deal to avert this country’s falling off of the so-called fiscal cliff. We’re lead to believe that the deal included tax increases and spending cuts the truth, as usual, is different than the propaganda we’re being fed. While the deal does include tax increases it doesn’t include spending cuts. In fact the deal includes spending increases:

The “fiscal cliff” deal that was designed to save money actually includes $330.3 billion in new spending over the next decade, according to the official estimate the Congressional Budget Office released Tuesday afternoon.

CBO said the bill contains about $25.1 billion in new cuts, but those are swamped by the new spending on extended unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless and other new refundable tax credits that President Obama fought for.

Of those cuts, only $2 billion are scheduled to take effect in 2013.

I doubt anybody expected otherwise. The state is a machine to enact wealth redistribution. It expropriates wealth from the general populace and gives it to those who wield political power. This is why we’ll likely never see any real tax cuts or spending decreases. Tax cuts would really mean a reduction of the rate of expropriation and spending cuts would really mean a decrease in the money transfered from the general populace to those with political power. In other words tax cuts and spending decreases are the antithesis of the state and therefore almost impossible to attain through political means. When this so-called fiscal cliff deal is over you can be assured that more wealth will be stolen from you and me and more money will be give to those with political influence. This entire fiscal cliff nonsense is nothing more than a production put on by the state in order to get the people to agree to having more of their wealth stolen.