I Think Gifford’s Creation of a Gun Control Organization Speaks Volumes

Gabrielle Giffords, the senator who was shot in the head in Arizona, has decides to start her own organization to advocate for gun control:

A former US congresswoman who survived a gunshot wound to her head during a mass shooting has launched a campaign against gun violence.

Gabrielle Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions initiative aims to raise money for gun control efforts.

While I’m not one to criticize somebody for capitalizing on an event that befell them I think Gifford’s creation of a gun control advocacy group speaks volumes. Whenever a shooting occurs the only proposed solution we hear from claimed opponents of gun violence is more gun control. It’s almost as if the movement has no creativity. Even the National Rifle Association (NRA) managed to come up with a somewhat new, albeit misguided in my opinion, solution with their School Shield program. Why can’t claimed opponents of gun violence ever come up with something new and exciting? Do they ever advocate looking into the possible mental health side of gun violence? No. Do they ever advocate looking into the possible economic side of gun violence? No. It’s always a gun grab.

I think the lack of creativity demonstrates the authoritarian nature of the general gun control advocate. They seem to believe in a rigid hierarchy where the state is at the top, they are in the middle, the average person is below them, and gun owners are the lowest of scum. Their only solution seems to involve taking orders from the top by mindlessly obeying the state, which has a vested interest in disarming those it exploits. It would be nice if these petty authoritarians could jump off of the hierarchical ladder and begin thinking for themselves. Perhaps then they could comes up with some innovative ideas to address the root problem of violence.