New Yorks Newest Gun Control Legislation Apples to Police

Talke about an unintended consequence:

Assemblyman Al Graf (R,C,I-Holbrook) recently expressed his opposition to the poor government process that yielded a hurried vote on incomplete legislation. Graf indicated that the legislation contained numerous flaws, including one that hits extremely close to home.

“My daughter is a New York City police officer, and under this legislation, we’ll be taking bullets out of her gun while the bad guys have no such limitations,” said Graf. “This is what happens when you circumvent the legal, responsible legislative process: you end up with a well-intentioned bill that completely misses its mark and ends up putting the safety of our children and families at risk.”

Heh, since it applies to everybody I guess it isn’t that bad.

One thought on “New Yorks Newest Gun Control Legislation Apples to Police”

  1. It gets better, the bill includes new restrictions on carry in schools, which is a complete ban without LEO exception so they made it illegal for the cops to respond to a school shooting. So much about it being “for the children”.

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