Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me My LR-308 Could Blow Up Railroads

I want to know why nobody informed me that my LR-308 could knock jets flying at 30,000 feet out of the air and blow up railroads:

Rev. Jesse Jackson on Sunday repeated the debunked claim that semi-automatic and so-called assault weapons can “shoot down airplanes” — and added that they can also “blow up railroads.”

“Semi-automatic weapons are not just about gun control, they’re about national security,” Jackson said on Fox News. “You know that these weapons can shoot down airplanes, they can blow up railroads. This is really a whole national security issue.”

I’m also curious how I unlock this feature on my rifle. In three-gun competitions I use it to shoot at steel plates and it fails to penetrate them so I have a hard time understanding how it could blow up a railroad. Is there a special type of ammunition I’m supposed to use? Are there occult rituals I need to perform? Would somebody tell me how the hell I can get these features working? Shouldn’t shit like this be in the owner’s manual?