In Lieu of Due Process LADP Burns Down A Cabin

The Christopher Dorner chase has apparently come to an end with Dorner burned alive inside of the cabin he barricading himself in. At least that’s what the media seems to be implying. As it turns out the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) may have purposely burned the person they believed to be Dorner alive:

Scanner audio apparently broadcast by the Los Angeles CBS affiliate KCAL on Tuesday captured angry officers yelling to “burn this motherfucker” prior to a cabin fire that is thought to have burned the body of fugitive ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

In a video recording posted to YouTube on Tuesday, the anchor pauses to let the viewer hear the mostly-inaudible scanner traffic.

“Do it right now,” one voice says. “Fucking burn this motherfucker!”

“Police officers, understandably upset,” the anchor explains.

A separate recording of scanner traffic — which has not been verified — features officers talking about going forward “with the burn.”

“All right, Steve, we’re gonna go — we’re gonna go forward with the plan, with — with the burn,” a male voice on the recording instructs. “We want it like we talked about.”

“Seven burners deployed and we have a fire,” the voice later adds.

“Copy,” a female voice replies. “Seven burners deployed and we have a fire.”

I think everybody knew the LAPD never intended to bring Dorner in alive. Still, burning a man alive seems quite drastic, especially when we’re continuously told that the United States is a land of laws and everybody is innocent until proven guilty in court.

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  1. I honestly figured they would use this as a time to test drone use on American soil to kill someone. I mean it would just take somebody calling him a terrorist apparently.

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