How to Legally Race on the Road

Have you ever wanted to drive down the road at 125mph but were afraid of what the police would do to you? Fear not, there is a very simple way to race down the road legally, just call the police and claim your car won’t stop:

When Frank Lecerf drove off to do his weekly supermarket shop in northern France, he was not expecting to embark on a high-speed car chase that would force him over the Belgian border and on to the national news bulletins.

Lecerf has filed a legal complaint after his Renault Laguna, which is adapted for disabled drivers, jammed at 200km/h (125mph) and the brakes failed, forcing him to continue careering along a vast stretch of French motorway and into Belgium. Police gave chase until he ran out of petrol and crashed into a ditch.

The 36 year old was on a dual carriageway on his way to a hypermarket when the car’s speed first jammed at 60mph. Each time he tried to brake, the car accelerated, eventually reaching 125mph and sticking there.

Apparently it never occurred to him that he could turn the car off, shift it into neutral, or hit the emergency brake (although that quickly loses value as speed climbs). Of course all that assumes that Mr. Lecerf actually wanted to stop, which he probably didn’t (and I don’t blame him, racing down the road at 125mph sounds like fun). With that said the police provide him an escort, likely because they wanted to cruise around at 125mph as well.