Strong Leaders

One phrase that is beginning to piss me of is, “We need to elect strong leaders.” Why is everybody looking for something to lead them? Whey is everybody obsessed with finding the best master to serve? Why are children taught that the best thing they can do is go to college and work for somebody else? Why do people run to politicians to solve their problems? Why do people believe politicians have a right to rule over the people? From our earliest years in school we’re taught to obey those who claim authority and to follow those who lead. Litte, if any, time is spent encouraging children to become entrepreneurs. Teachers never tell their students to disobey those who claim authority. In fact they’re told that those who claim authority have a legitimate claim and that that claim should be recognized.

Truth be told we don’t need leaders, we are leaders. We don’t need to elect strong leaders, we can lead ourselves. If I could only give one piece of advice it would be this: stop seeking masters to serve, become your own and refuse to comply with anybody who tries to make themselves your master.